Alec is an Engineer with 44 years experience. Alister is a professional sailor who has been involved in transporting sailing vessels to locations around the World for many years.
In October 2008 Alister was asked to repair a yacht that had been damaged in transit from the USA to the UK. Much of that damage had been caused by the nylon webbing straps used to hold the vessel in place on the deck of the freighter. It became apparent at the time there was no product on the market which fully addressed all the issues associated with cargo webbing straps.

Typically within the industry, protection is achieved by cutting pieces of foam, carpet or felt, which is placed between the strap and the surface of the vessel, there is a high probability as the cargo moves and the straps flex, this protection falls out resulting in damage to the surface of the vessel. Alister and Alec set about designing a product which would not only fulfill the needs of the marine industry, but could also be used within the larger field of logistics in general.

The design has been perfected and developed over a number of years in order to achieve a simple solution to an age old problem. During the development trials useful feedback from within the logistics industry resulted in design improvements and further confirmation of the demand for the product. CHOK-A-BLOK™ strap guards are now sold throughout the World.

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